Lizzie Hillier

Crisp geometrics, bold colours, process-led experiments, playful mark-making… there’s lots to like about Lizzie’s vibrant printmaking.

Lizzie’s work is grounded in process, materials, and her love of the natural world – walking through the landscapes of Sussex, and beyond… Her love of printmaking goes back to her school days, experimenting with simple stencils and flat colour. Her art foundation introduced experimentation – wiping ink from monotype plates to create abstract images – before a Fine Art Textiles degree at Goldsmiths confirmed, once and for all, her love of shape, colour, and print. Lizzie went on to train as a block print designer in India, and although her focus has shifted from blocks to silkscreen, the lessons she learned continue to inform her work to this day. Lizzie’s printmaking is “driven by a spontaneous exploration of colour, form, and texture. Energetic brush marks captivate me.” This boundless creativity has so far encompassed everything from gestural brushstrokes (she loves “the physical nature of applying fluid ink to paper”, using “large decorating brushes […] working directly on the floor”), to experiments with nature – harnessing the unpredictable qualities of falling rain; catching it on sheets of inked paper. There's an ordered ying to her experimental yang, as she seeks control, anchoring compositions with geometric forms and flat colour.

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Lizzie Hillier X Coco working process video