Bonnie Craig

The first artist to officially join our roster, Bonnie is a visual artist and designer whose practice encompasses pattern, printmaking and site-specific installations.

Originally from Brighton, Bonnie is now based in Lancaster, having made the trip north to study her MA in Surface Design. She enjoys the laidback ambience of her adopted home town, and its proximity to the area’s natural wonders. When she’s not exploring the great outdoors you’ll find Bonnie in a light-filled studio, in an historic building that has long served Lancaster as a centre for arts and education. As a printmaker, she begins by creating a set of rules, a system, and often a series of modular visual components. Then she begins to build images, playing with the endless variations that arise through experimentation. "I play with the boundaries of what pattern is, exploring the balance between order and disorder. I see pattern as an art form in itself, as opposed to ‘mere’ decoration." Bonnie’s love of music also surfaces in her pattern play; much of her work has an undeniable musicality.

Bonnie's website