Katy Binks

Katy's creative practice is broad and distinctly colourful, encompassing silkscreen prints, murals, installations, silk scarves and more.

Her rich graphic palette is informed by a questing, experimental spirit, a desire to engage with the urban environment, and her travels. As a teenager she lived in South Korea, and the visual landscape had a huge impact on her aesthetic sensibility. She now lives in Brixton, a borough with its fair share of exotic visual stimulae, from African textiles and street art, to a burgeoning creative scene.

Katy came to printmaking a roundabout way. She began a degree in Architecture before switching to Graphic Design and finally, Graphic Arts at the University of East London – a course that exposed her to the myriad delights of screenprinting. Smitten by print, she joined the MA Printmaking course at Camberwell, a mecca for inky fingered creatives. Having graduated in 2013, Katy was included in the prestigious Catlin Guide, which recognised her as one of the UK’s most promising emerging artists. In 2019, having explored a more spontaneous and expressive approach to printmaking, Katy had her first UK solo show at ASC Gallery in south London.  

We love the colour and uncompromising boldness of her editions – the future’s looking bright…

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