Diane Bresson

La joie de la couleur – celebrating the sensual, sensorial side of geometry… in FULL colour.

A French designer and printmaker based in London, Diane graduated from the BA Textile Design course at Central Saint Martins; her graduate collection embraced the positive energy of colour. Diane's screen printed wallpaper designs were a tour de force, receiving praise from the design press and helping her win the Colour in Design Award (2018). Diane continues to develop her patterns through various mediums, from screen printing and animation to visual merchandising and beyond. She’s a valued member of the team at Floor Story, who launched her first rug collection in 2021. When she can, Diane makes large, one-off screen prints at East London Printmakers. Each one is a playground for experimentation: an opportunity to try new things, but also to refine ideas and colours – for design projects and limited edition prints. Printmaking plays a key role in Diane’s work, allowing her to embrace the unpredictable nature of ink, while creating the building blocks required to evolve her designs on screen. Launched in July 2021, Diane’s debut Look Up collection featured three stunning riso editions exploring colour, layering, and intricate geometric compositions. Why riso? “The transparency of riso inks allowed me to push the complexity of my puzzle-like patterns,” Diane told us. To which we responded: “L’avenir s’annonce radieux!”

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Colour in Design Award 2018