Mark McClure

Admired for his murals, mosaics and 3D artworks, in recent years Mark has spent more time making prints. The results? Increasingly adventurous, accomplished artworks, created with gusto by an artist hitting his stride in the print studio. 

With their engaging colour palettes and weathered, reclaimed wood, his painted murals and mosaics have brightened up locations from the Olympic Park to Amsterdam, Berlin, Beirut and beyond. The balance he strikes between crisp geometry and re-used materials is a language he continues to explore in public artworks, 3D wall sculptures and prints. Commissions include extensive murals on the Thamesmead estate, a wraparound design for Locus of Walthamstow and a five-storey gable-end mural for the Brigstock Refugee Hostel, Croydon. Colour and texture continue to play a role in his Look Up prints – dynamic artworks, their animated angles fizzing away. The overall effect is one of motion, moments suspended, teetering on the brink of activity. In recent years printmaking has become a more regular distraction for Mark; the results – as presented in his FUSE showcase (21 July–20 August '22) – are spectacular.