William Luz

Say hi to William Luz (formerly known as William Edmonds). Artist, printmaker, designer, sculptor, publisher, writer, musician, ceramicist... 

He founded creative collective Nous Vous with friends and fellow artists Jay Cover and Nicolas Burrows; he creates enigmatic, colour-flecked ceramics as SomeWow; makes screenprints with French artist Anaick Moriceau; and he even collaborates with Kate Gibb as Touching Elbows. It’s fair to say he’s a bit of a renaissance man.

"Mark and timbre, line and verse, form and play." Will’s practice is “concerned with drawing,” and even a quick glance through his work reveals a finely tuned facility for line. It lends an organic, handmade quality to his work, and even his ceramics translate the language of drawing from two to three dimensions. From a distance, his screenprints exhibit the crisp line and even colours one might expect from a process designed for mechanical reproduction. However, up close there’s a discernible wobble to the line, as most of his screenprints are created using hand cut paper stencils.

He possesses an apparently limitless creative spirit. We’re not sure how he found time to get involved with Look Up, but we’re glad he did.

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SomeWow ceramics
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