Yann Brien

A French printmaker who lives and works in London, Yann creates immaculate silkscreen prints, which often explore the fine line between tension and harmony.

He describes his work as "an ongoing investigation of the impact our limited and often biased perception of the world has on the choices we make". His conceptual drive is matched by a meticulous approach to craft and process. He’s incredibly skilled and dedicated to creating crisp, graphic imagery that pleases the eye while teasing the mind. Despite their conceptual beginnings, Yann likes the fact that the graphic simplicity of his work leaves it open to interpretation; you don’t have to deconstruct his intentions to appreciate the aesthetic qualities of his prints. Visually, many display a distinct sense of rhythm; it turns out that music plays an important role in his life and art. Titles such as ‘Echo #1’ and ‘Dissonance’, suggest a sonic, multisensory subtext, while others – ‘Plus One’, for example – radiate a warmth and humanity that belies the cool precision of his image-making.