Fiona Grady

You can see Fiona’s third floor Bermondsey studio from the street… It’s the one with the colourful arrangement of translucent cut vinyl, meandering rhythmically across her studio window. 

Seen from inside the studio the effect is mesmerising, as the hues change constantly throughout the day. Fiona makes large site-responsive drawings on walls, windows and floors using sequences of dispersing geometric shapes. Printmaking plays an important role in her practice, allowing her to experiment with motifs, colours and textures while creating a more permanent record of a fleeting muse... Light.

While site-specific drawings remain at the heart of her practice, Fiona’s prints reflect and in many ways pre-empt the ideas and rhythmic, system-based approach of her installations. Paper stencil screenprinting allows her to work intuitively, experimenting with new ideas and making decisions on the fly, while iridescent inks lend a lustrous quality to her mark making. Whether it’s an egg tempura wall drawing or the glowing luminescence of a cut-vinyl window installation, her work has an understated elegance.

Her first editions for Look Up reflect an ongoing desire to work with the rhythmic, changeable qualities of light. It may be fleeting, but when a muse inspires work as rewarding as Fiona’s, it’s always worth pursuing.

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