Charlie Patterson

We don't know where he finds the energy, but Charlie makes prints, paintings, t-shirts, murals, installations and more...

His desire to create is compulsive. He’d love to be an artist 24/7, creating large-scale murals in public places, so if you’ve got a ‘blank canvas’ wall that’s crying out for colour, look no further.

From sketches and acrylic paintings to screenprints and murals, his "illusion based images are aimed at manipulating the viewer's perception of a two dimensional surface”. He succeeds, and it looks like all the hard work is starting to pay off. He played an integral part in 'She Lights Up The Night' (2016), a graphic art bonanza curated by They Made This (who are great champions of his work). Charlie was involved in the project’s genesis, when the murals he created for the Pay Gallery at BBH London prompted further commissions by artists including Supermundane, Camille Walala, and Morag Myerscough.

He’s a very busy chap, so we’re absolutely delighted that he saved some time and energy to create a cracking series of prints for Look Up.

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