Charlie Oscar Patterson

Charlie's work is routed in his fascination with colour and minimal forms. From paintings and large scale murals to works on paper, his vibrant practice is informed by a background in graphic design, and “a structured, gridded” approach that provides an ideal foundation for his inventive colour palettes.

His 3D pieces are an exploration into the relationship between form and colour, questioning the interaction of colour in a non-representational narrative. Often based on soundscapes, Charlie's sketches are an emotional response to music, translated into tangible forms. He treats colours as musical notes, with tempo and rhythm, to elicit an emotional response from the viewer. These shaped works break from the tradition of a restrictive picture plane, instead treating the composition as a complete object. He played an integral part in She Lights Up The Night (2016), a graphic art bonanza curated by They Made This. Charlie was involved in the project’s genesis, when the murals he created for the Pay Gallery at BBH London prompted further commissions by artists including Supermundane and Morag Myerscough. Charlie’s desire to create is compulsive – we're absolutely delighted to be working with him.

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