Giuseppe D'Innella

A passionate printmaker, Giuseppe’s practice is driven by his love of process and his muse – colour. 

A genuine inspiration, Giuseppe continues to inspire and beguile in equal measure, well into his 80s. From bold, Fauvist landscapes to expressive abstracts, he explores the vast potential of colour and mark-making – his brushstrokes creating a vivacious and distinctly painterly atmosphere. Born in Puglia and raised in Rome, his professional career took him around the world – from Europe to Venezuela, Japan to Australia. His travels have been a huge inspiration, informing his love of colour. A landscape painter for decades, he took to silkscreen printmaking relatively late in life, having been wowed by a Kate Gibb exhibition. Working tirelessly in his home studio, adapting to its restrictions and idiosyncrasies, he continues to plough a singular furrow, each print a technicolour stepping-stone on the path to enlightenment.

Video on working process