Meg Hopkin

Vibrant. Animated. Prolific! Inky fingered print lover Meg has been on our radar for quite some time...

A student on the Art Practice degree at The School of Art & Design, West Suffolk College, Meg may be the youngest artist on our roster, but the inventive brio of her printmaking is undeniable. The fact that she's already receiving plaudits and respect from across the printmaking community is no surprise. One to watch? 100%. We've been chatting with Meg since autumn 2019, eager to meet this enthusiastic, accomplished, and increasingly prolific printmaker. The cosmos had other ideas, but eventually we got our act together and featured Meg as our first Ones To Watch artist of 2020. Her progress since then has been impossible to ignore. Lockdown presented a unique opportunity for Meg to immerse herself in work; she's been printing up a technicolour storm in her mum's shed. Her insatiable desire to print on a daily basis has been helping her (and us) get through these bizarre times, one colourful layer at a time... 

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