Kate Gibb

Kate is a silkscreen artist and illustrator extraordinaire, with a studio that is bursting at the seams with screens both old and new.

Her unorthodox, playful approach allows her to work intuitively, relying on twenty years of experience and print based experimentation to create each piece. Her practice is driven by colour and process, and her prints – predominantly created as unique artworks – are often defined by moments of serendipity. It's only in the last year or two that she’s looked to retain the aesthetic of her approach while creating small, limited editions.

Kate is incredibly gifted and it’s her technical nous as much as her eye for colour that inspires many to seek her advice. She often works alongside other artists including Look Uppers Sophie Smallhorn, Giuseppe D'Innella, Josie Molloy, and William Luz (formerly William Edmonds). Her collaboration with Will, Touching Elbows, continues to bear the juiciest of fruits and editions by the duo are now available from Look Up. Her commissioned images have injected life and colour into campaigns for clients including Dries van Noten, The Chemical Brothers, Stussy and a recent commission for Hermés.  Her personal and professional practices remain interwoven, each informing the other; commercial work often provides the impetus to experiment with new techniques, and vice versa.

We always look forward to seeing what Kate’s making, so we were over the moon when she agreed to get involved in Look Up.

Editions – Landscape, of sorts (2)
Jealous Gallery
Big Active
Interview – Corner
Interview – Hang Up