Chris James

When we first sketched out our idea for Look Up, we ran it by Chris. We value his opinion, we love his work, and we're delighted that he's on board.

So what’s the story, Jackanory? Chris is a Stockholm-based graphic artist and designer with more than a few strings to his bow. Having graduated from Kingston University he cut his teeth as a graphic designer before moving into fashion. When he's not designing apparel graphics he's creating hand-painted typefaces – as F Is For Fonts – or experimenting with paper stencil screen printing. The three prints in Chris’s ‘In The Night’ series (see his website, link below) exhibit a keen eye for colour and bold, graphic shapes. There’s a unifying style and tone, somewhere betwixt fairy tale and nightmare, and while they share a series title they work beautifully on their own – or together. It depends what kind of story you want to tell... Chris’s first Look Up edition is ‘Happy Pills’, and like his ’In The Night’ series there’s a dark undercurrent lurking just beneath the surface. Whether your glass is half full or half empty, there’s no denying it... Chris’s prints, and ‘Happy Pills’ in particular, have a technicolour energy that always brings a smile.

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Instagram – F is for Fonts