Something for the weekend?

If you're a bit of a trainspotter when it comes to print studios, brace yourself.

With the weekend almost upon us, the last thing we want to do is hit you with some heavy reading on the virtues of paper stencil screen printing. Instead, here's a pictorial tour of the printmaking department at LCC (aka the London College of Communications, part of UAL). Fortunately, we didn't have to break in...

Josie Molloy is one of fifteen artists featured in our launch collection – she's also a technician at LCC and kindly gave me a guided tour of the printing department a few weeks back. To find out about Josie's screen printing practice and see her first Look Up editions, click here:

And now, over to the pics...

Josie experimenting with different colours and screens on newsprint

Josie's screenprinting station at LCC

Intaglio press with some suitably inky props in the foreground

Area for applying grounds for print processes including etching and aquatint

Print gloop

Lithography area

The colourful remnants of many a session in the textile printing room

Josie's colour palette and the ubiquitous dirty rag bin #instagramgold