Geometry, line, pattern & colour

We've been asked a few times why we chose our aesthetic focus. Here's a few of the many reasons why.

To begin with, it reflects the kind of art we like to hang on our walls. Wander around Look Up HQ (our studio is a spare room full of plan chests) and you'll see prints by many of our featured artists, including Kate Gibb, Chris James, Nounua, Charlie Patterson, Sophie Smallhorn and Supermundane, alongside other works by Heretic, The Pattern Guild, Dutch graphic designers Richard Niessen and Esther de Vries, Cuban film posters and Ellsworth Kelly reproductions. Yep, we love a bit of graphic art.

'Fruit Study 2' by Charlie Patterson, in situ with other geometric wonders at Look Up HQ

When we developed our concept for Look Up, one of the first things we noticed about all the other fantastic online print stores was the broad scope of styles they represent. We thought it might be helpful if there was an online print store that represented one particular strand of artistic endeavour. It might sound like we chose a relatively narrow field of reference. After all, variety is the spice of life...

'Landscape, of sorts' by Kate Gibb – a six-layer screen print that bridges the gap between figurative and abstraction

However, as our launch collection reveals, the scope for creative experimentation encapsulated in those four words is vast. From Supermundane's bold and adventurous technicolour, to the geometric foundations of Sam Kerr's tessellated patterns and the elegant minimalism of Sophie Smallhorn...

'Sticks 1' by Sophie Smallhorn (five-layer screen print, 40 x 40cm)

From Yann Brien's mind teasers and the gnomic light poems of Fiona Grady, to the layered luminescence of Nounua's work and the animated angles of Mark McClure's compositions... The possibilities are endless, and the prints in our launch collection only represent the very tip of the iceberg. We're looking forward to seeing the work of our featured artists as it continues to evolve over the coming months and years. 

'Something Here' by Nounua (a three-colour screen print, 30 x 42cm)

We chose to sell prints because we believe as many people as possible should have access to affordable art. Comprising mostly of screen prints with a few digital prints for good measure (both giclee and Indigo prints), our launch collection prices range from £50 – for A3 indigo digital prints by Supermundane and Charlie Patterson, to £250 for Yann Brien's A1 screen print, 'Insight'. Most of the prints in our launch collection cost between £50 and £150: not bad for some very special limited editions by internationally renowned artists.

'Insight' by Yann Brien (one-colour screen print, 80 x 60cm)

Mark McClure signing his first Look Up edition, 'Northern Lights #1'

In future posts we'll explore the many ways in which our featured artists – and the many other artists and designers who inspire us – explore their chosen aesthetic focus. What makes it such a fascinating and fertile area for creative experimentation?

In the meantime, if you'd like to find out more about our artists. prints or prices, please drop us a line – we'd love to hear from you. You can find our contacts details here.