I doubt we're alone in regarding the launch of a brand new Kate Gibb screenprint as a bit of an event... and our most limited edition yet more than deserves its moment in the spotlight.


A sister print to Kate's Look Up debut – 'Landscape, of sorts' (now sold out) – 'Landscape, of sorts (2)' is a fascinating object. First and foremost, it's a beautiful image – with its vibrant red and blue forms emerging from gossamer layers of delicately coloured, textured ink... It also provides a wonderful insight into Kate's creative process and her fondness for experimentation, with handwritten notes detailing each of the eleven layers required to create this sublime slice of silkscreen sorcery.

'Landscape, of sorts (2)' / 11-layer silkscreen print by Kate Gibb

Driven by colour and process, Kate's approach to silkscreen printing relies on experimentation and intuition. She draws on a library of old and new screens, printing layer upon layer, until an image feels complete. Some of her screens are so old and used that the silk mesh has separated, but rather than discard these screens she embraces the gauze-like textures they create – textures that lend an ethereal, lace-like quality to prints like 'Landscape, of sorts (2)'. This edition is particularly fascinating, because Kate's handwritten notes document her creative process layer by layer, step by step... If you don't fancy zooming in, don't fret – here are those notes in full.

1. block colour, off white
2. textured shapes, salmon opaque
3. block shape, transparent cyan/light
4. dirty pink texture
5. off white textured shapes
6. semi transparent curves
7. semi transparent curves block, top
8. orange optical lines
9. cadmium circle, block
10. textured turquoise moon
11. semi transparent parchment curve 

Detail shot of Kate's handwritten process notes

If you miss out on this very, very limited edition, don't worry... We've got another exclusive Kate Gibb edition launching in early June as part of our E17 Art Trail exhibition, 'Fractions / adventures in printmaking'. Watch this space for more information on the exhibition and a whole host of new editions launching in early June.

To buy Kate Gibb's new edition, click the following link.

'Landscape, of sorts (2)' by Kate Gibb