With its liberal scattering of bijou boutiques and organic coffee shops, exploring Brighton is always a pleasure; thanks to Supermundane and Unlimited, there's even more incentive to travel south before winter sets in...

Wander out of the train station, mosey on down the hill, and before long you'll come to Church Road. Take the left and keep your eyes peeled because half way down, on the right, there's a sight that's bound to make the heart of any graphic art lover skip a beat. 'Super Super' is the latest exhibition at design shop and gallery Unlimited, where the joie de vivre of Supermundane's colourful creativity has expanded beyond the gallery walls and into the street.

Supermundane's exterior mural at Unlimited, Brighton

We've posted a few pics on the Look Up Instagram – including the above shot of his exterior mural at Unlimited – but there's nothing quite like seeing Supermundane's work up close and personal. His attention to detail, extraordinary use of pattern and pitch perfect sloganeering are more than enough to raise a smile, while the general technicolour glow of 'Super Super' is sure to warm even the coldest of cockles.

Tropical Hotdog Night by Supermundane (image courtesy of Supermundane)

From graphic masks and smiling clouds to geometric tapestries and pared back abstractions, the scope and idiosyncratic character of Rob Lowe's work continues to reward repeat viewings. 'Super Super' presents a vibrant selection of new prints, all of which are available from the Unlimited website and because most of them are Indigo digital prints, the price tags are eminently affordable. Rarely has such a relatively small investment been such a sure thing… 

Supermundane working on his interior mural at Unlimited (image courtesy of Unlimited)

The exhibition provides a great window on Rob's creative practice, exploring his love of colour, geometry, abstraction, graphic forms, typography and language. The latter plays a key role in many of the new works on display, from positively punchy statements like 'Yes', 'Wow' and 'Uh Oh!' to humorous concepts (we've never been to a 'Tropical Hotdog Night', but it's definitely on our bucket list now) and more poetic musings.

Technicolour wonderland: Supermundane prints at Unlimited

One of our favourites features the line 'We ran through the house to the backyard just to find the night was everywhere' – written by Rob years ago but deployed for the first time here in all its Bukowski-esque splendour. The imagery fits his line to a tee, with its psychedelic fantasia suggesting a nocturnal urban landscape; geometric forms rising into a sky illuminated by what may (or may not) be a golden moon. It's a visual world that remains open to interpretation, every bit as enigmatic as Rob's beautifully pitched line.

The Night Was Everywhere – Indigo digital print (image courtesy of Supermundane)

'Super Super' isn't the only reason to visit Unlimited… Pop into their cheery store and you'll find jewellery, homewares, textiles and furniture alongside graphic prints by Kitty McCall, Tom Pigeon, La Shuks, Steven Wilson, Esther Cox, Marcus Walters and more. The shop began life as a pop-up in 2010, when husband and wife team Sara and Patrick Morrissey sought to showcase their Unlimited design studio work alongside a curated collection of work by likeminded creatives. The Church Street store, which opened in 2013, plays a key role in celebrating local creativity; long may they continue to do so.

Supermundane and some of his many kaleidoscopic creations (image courtesy of Unlimited) 


'Super Super' runs 'til November 3rd. Check out the Unlimited website for pics and info.