Sam Kerr

Sam works on editorial, cultural and commercial commissions, but his love of drawing goes beyond financial gain. It's an obsession – a compulsion, even.

His interest in tessellation began a few years back, when a client asked him to create a print that “resembled a tessellation”. Sam observed that to do it properly required an understanding of the mathematics behind the patterns, so he taught himself the principles of the art form and began creating his own seamlessly connected motifs. Sam’s a perfectionist, so it’s little wonder that the process – with its rigorous grounding in geometric precision – holds as much interest for him as the finished pattern.

His considered approach and flawless craftsmanship have led to successful collaborations with Jigsaw and the British tie brand Marwood, among others. Sam thrives on collaboration, sharing ideas while taking the opportunity to step back and be more subjective about his work. The repeating ivy leaf motif in his first Look Up edition is a by-product of his work with Marwood. Creating tessellated patterns for application on fabric presented a major challenge, but the finished version – screenprinted on lace – is stunning, and the way he’s presented it for our launch collection is a celebration of its inherent geometry.

There's more to Sam's creative practice than geometry and pattern play, but we hope his fascination with tessellation continues for a little while longer.

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