Meet Gráinne Nagle – a.k.a. Nounua – a visual artist and designer who recently returned to Ireland following several years in Barcelona.

In Spain, the locals struggled with her name ('Grawn-ya'), so she made things easier by combining the Catalan for new ('nou') and the Gaelic for new ('nua'). Twice the newness! Informed by a background in fine art and graphic design, Nounua’s work encompasses drawings, prints and collages. She’s also experimenting with 3D, creating a series of sculptural pieces with colourful, layered forms. They’re going down a storm on Instagram, and it’s easy to see why.

We’re keen to promote the broader creative practices of our featured artists, but let’s return to printmaking – it is, after all, an incredibly productive medium for Nounua. She’s got a great eye for colour and the compositional interplay of her geometric screen prints completely floats our boat. In a nutshell, we’re big fans, and we’re not the only ones. Syndicut London identified Nounua as one of five printmakers to keep an eye on in 2016, and we couldn't agree more! 

Pop over to the Shop and you’ll find some fresh newness by Nounua, with two fantastic editions exclusive to Look Up. How lucky are we? Very.

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