Kindred Spirits / Chroma Form

The current exhibition at Well Hung Gallery in Shoreditch is a wonderful celebration of five artists who are clearly fascinated by the creative potential of geometry, line, pattern and colour.

Curated by Well Hung's Nicholas Stavri, 'Chroma Form' runs 'til September 4th and features new work by Fiona Grady and Mark McClure - both of whom are featured artists in our launch collection - alongside prints, canvasses and drawings by Carl Cashman, TEZ, and Spanish artist J.M. YES. It's a veritable smorgasbord of colour, rhythmic geometric forms and dynamic lines.

Fiona Grady's cut vinyl window installation for 'Chroma Form'

Fresh from her recent residency at The Art House UK in Wakefield, Fiona Grady has contributed two new screen prints to the show, as well as a site specific cut vinyl window installation. I visited the gallery at around 11.30 on a sunny day and the iridescent light play on the gallery windowsill was a joy to behold. Fiona's work is largely concerned with exploring the transient qualities of light - something her window work at Well Hung does with grace and energy. Find out more about Fiona's practice and see her Look Up editions here

'Twist' (left) and 'Twist II' – screen prints by Fiona Grady

Mark McClure has created a number of new works for the show - the textural qualities of  his reclaimed wood mosaics and their animated compositions bring a dynamic note to the show. They also reveal a great eye for colour, which he deploys sparingly but to great effect. 'Divide and Conquer' is a particular favourite of ours, but each of his works in 'Chroma Form' has its own charm, reflecting the dynamism of urban life with considered brio. Read about Mark's practice and check out his Look Up editions here

'Divide and Conquer' reclaimed wood mural by Mark McClure

The show also features some great new work by Carl Cashman, whose titles alone are cause for celebration – 'An Angry Potato', '6 Susan Boyles On Acid' and 'Mr Slimfit 2016' are all featured. Carl loves geometry and cites his main influences as "a well spent youth dancing in disused warehouses and playing pixelated computer games", and there's a rich seam of pupil-popping dayglo hedonism running throughout his work.

Carl Cashman's 'An Angry Potato' – acrylic on wood panel

TEZ, aka Nick Terry, finds inspiration in the "colour, lines and energy of city life". His maze-like creations come across as slightly psychedelic cityscapes for some not too distant dystopian future. The precision of his lines belies the craft-led origins of his practice – he uses stencil methods like screen printing and paper cutting, and frequently creates spray painted murals and painted canvasses.


'Green Maze Painting' by TEZ – acrylic and spray paint on canvas


Last but not least, it's J.M. YES, also known as Jesus Moreno, who currently lives and works in Madrid. While reflecting his core influences – graffiti and 20th century modern masters – his work explores the connections between geometry, shapes and colour, with an abstract quality that leaves any interpretation to the eye of the beholder. His 'Chroma Form' paintings recall the surrealist landscapes of Yves Tanguy, albeit it reduced to crisper, more geometric forms. His colour palette is refreshingly organic, offering a balanced counterpoint to some of the technicolour pieces on show.


'Vases, Plants and Olives' diptych by J.M. YES – acrylic on canvas

'Chroma Form' is a triumph – and not just because it includes work by two of the artists featured on Look Up. It's nice to know that kindred spirits are out there, providing a platform for emerging artists and celebrating the creative potential of geometry, line, pattern and colour. Hat's off to the artists, and congratulations to Nicholas Stavri and Nawfal Salman on a great show.


Gallery view of 'Chroma Form' at Well Hung with work by (l-r) TEZ, Mark McClure and J.M. YES

'Chroma Form' is open Monday to Friday 9.30-6pm and Saturdays 11.30-5pm, before closing on Sunday 4th September 2016.

Gallery view of 'Chroma Form' at Well Hung with work by (l-r) Fiona Grady, Carl Cashman and Mark McClure

For more info, visit the Well Hung website here.