William Luz & Kate Gibb

Screenprinting gold from the most promising of partnerships.

William Luz (formerly William Edmonds) works with drawing, ceramics, painting, music and print, while Kate Gibb is a doyenne of the silkscreen. Together, they’re Touching Elbows. Built on respect, admiration and friendship, their collaboration began a few years ago, when they promised to introduce each other to their favourite disciplines. For Will, a ‘course’ in advanced screenprinting and for Kate, a ceramics primer. Kate’s still waiting, but that’s no bad thing, considering how well the screenprinting’s going...

They begin by printing one-off ideas, taking turns to print a layer and using each others screens before choosing elements to work up an edition. They’re not allowed to say no to each other’s decisions, which keeps the momentum going and sets the stage for some unexpected results. They’ve created a repeat pattern for Studio Flock and dream of designing rugs, but ultimately this isn’t a commercial endeavour. It’s a self-perpetuating project about making, and if some of the things they make end up on our walls, we can’t ask for more than that.

We’re delighted that Will and Kate chose Look Up to showcase their adventures in screenprinting.

Touching Elbows on Studio Flock
Kate Gibb on Touching Elbows' Studio Flock collaboration
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